Conveniently located!

Our convenient central U.S. location in Oklahoma, is accessible from virtually anywhere on the globe via Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City. Our training center is located at 5602 N. Rockwell - just east of Wiley Post Airport's main entrance. We proudly offer increased convenience and service to our customers.

The A&P Fastrack difference!

 •  A&P Fastrack (formerly Federal Exams) is the oldest school of its type in the world and its long-established tradition of developing its own highly specialized methods of training continues today.

 •  Patience, compassion, understanding, and courtesy will be exercised by your instructor during your instruction period at A&P Fastrack.

 •  Easy to find, several transportation and lodging options are available including UBER, Airport Express, taxi, or one of the many rental car options at Will Rogers World Airport. Give us a call if you'd like a recommendation.



FAA Test Center – Bethany, OK