At A&P Fastrack, we know that even as a seasoned veteran within the aviation industry, knowing which exams you need to take and how to best prepare for them financially and otherwise can be confusing. We offer a variety of testing courses and have helpful staff on hand to help guide you to the appropriate courses and exams you need to obtain your certification. 
Furthermore, A&P Fastrack offers guaranteed courses. We consider you enrolled upon full payment of your tuition. You can work at your own pace or on a timeline agreed upon with your instructor. Please click on an icon below for more information about course pricing and content.


Being able to advance in your career is as important to us as it is to you. This is why we have experienced professionals on staff in Bethany, OK, to help you. When you succeed in achieving your personal and professional goals, we will be just a phone call away, waiting to congratulate you. 

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Complete A&P Course

The Complete Airframe & Powerplant Course includes the Mechanic Course, three computer tests, Oral & Practical Briefing, and Oral & Practical Examiner's fee. Our A&P courses are complete and robust to best prepare you for the A&P exam.


Total Course Fee $2,880.00

Oral & Practical Only

Examiner only - $1,350.00

Airframe or Powerplant (written exams passed) includes a 3-day briefing & Examiner's test the next day for $1,560 each.

3-day prep + Examiner $2,130.00

Airframe Mechanic Course

The Airframe Mechanic Course includes two computer tests, the Oral & Practical Briefing, and the Oral & Practical Examiner's Fee


Total Course Fee $2,120.00

Inspection Authorization

IA applicants must first meet eligibility requirements. Total IA cost including tuition, & test is $910.00

INTERNATIONAL APPLICANTS, the FAA determines your eligibility. Call or write your Civil Air Authority to schedule an interview. More information is available by clicking the globe icon.

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Powerplant Mechanic Course

The Powerplant Mechanic Course includes two computer tests, the Oral & Practical Briefing, and the Oral & Practical Examiner's Fee. Through the US mechanic course or FAA mechanic course, you’ll learn test taking strategies and techniques to help you ace the mechanics exam.

Total Course Fee is $2,130.00

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FCC - GROL Tuition/Test

FCC-GROL applicants must meet eligibility requirements for all FCC prep courses. We offer a 3-day test refresher course Elements 1 & 3 and the computer tests with immediate results for $420.00


Two certified DMEs with decades of qualifying hands-on experience and classroom teaching are readily available to guarantee the prep courses equip you to pass the exams and obtain certification!


- Airframe & Powerplant Mechanics Course - 80 hrs

- Airframe Mechanic Course - 64 hrs

- Powerplant Mechanic Course - 64 hrs

- Oral & Practical only - A&P - 32 hours

- Oral & Practical only - Airframe - 24 hrs

- Oral & Practical only - Powerplant - 24 hrs

- FCC - GROL - 24 hrs

- Inspection Authorization Course - 24 hrs


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